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Twice Exceptional Children

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Twice Exceptional Children

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Joys and Challenges of Twice-Exceptional Kids

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It is estimated that there are 300,000 twice exceptional children in the U.S. alone. (GCQ, Vol 55, #1, Winter 2011) Twice-exceptionality is the co-existence of both giftedness and a learning disability. It has been called a paradoxical syndrome. This week at #gtchat, we tackled the subject of 2ekids. It was soon realized that these kids are complex and have the ability to frustrate both their parents and teachers; but at the same time bring incredible joy into the lives of those around them.

Twice-exceptional children often face many social-emotional issues. Many struggle with self-awareness; knowing and understanding their own challenges. “They are often misunderstood and have expectations on them they can’t live up to.”(Mona Chicks) “The BIGGEST social-emotional challenge is finding true peers. Asynchrony makes it difficult to impossible. Worse in small towns. They have compassion like an adult, tantrums like a toddler, and wit like a snarky teenager. ” (Jen Merrill) “Two gifts, blessed with two gifts…

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* Some solutions for 2e kids

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Teachezwell Blog

Before I describe any more case studies, I want to focus on ways to handle the challenges for twice exceptional or 2e kids.  (These comments apply primarily to parents but I’m sure teachers will see applications to their roles, as well.)

1.  Perspective is everything:  It’s possible to view 2e as a curse, a terminal illness, a bottomless pit.  But I think it best serves everyone if you focus on the child’s unique patterns of learning as positively as possible.  Is this a pie-in-the-sky kind of mentality?  I think not.  Heartache can lead to greater empathy and perseverance in life.   Hopefully, parents (and teachers) can now or will be able to empathize with others who struggle.  You have probably met folks whose life seemed to be a breeze.  Would you turn to them for support?  Or would you seek out someone who has fought through hard challenges?   How many…

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