* Some solutions for 2e kids

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Before I describe any more case studies, I want to focus on ways to handle the challenges for twice exceptional or 2e kids.  (These comments apply primarily to parents but I’m sure teachers will see applications to their roles, as well.)

1.  Perspective is everything:  It’s possible to view 2e as a curse, a terminal illness, a bottomless pit.  But I think it best serves everyone if you focus on the child’s unique patterns of learning as positively as possible.  Is this a pie-in-the-sky kind of mentality?  I think not.  Heartache can lead to greater empathy and perseverance in life.   Hopefully, parents (and teachers) can now or will be able to empathize with others who struggle.  You have probably met folks whose life seemed to be a breeze.  Would you turn to them for support?  Or would you seek out someone who has fought through hard challenges?   How many…

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