Connecticut Parent Survey

Dear Connecticut Parents –

Complete your 2014-2015 Special Education Parent Survey before September 18, 2015!

If you live in a ‘Cohort A’ town (see below) and had a child or children with an IEP or an ISP during the 2014-2015 school year, look for your email(s) to complete this valuable survey by 9/18/2015!

In advance, as a fellow parent, thank you for completing the 2014-2015 Special Education Parent Survey – as well as for any support you can offer in quickly sharing the news with other parents! 

Each town’s survey now has a three-year cycle, so Cohort A towns will be surveyed again in 2017-18.  This way parents and school districts can review results in January, celebrate successes, design and implement improvement strategies, and review parent results again in 2017-18.  The District and Summary Reports will be posted on the Bureau of Special Education website at .

Wishing all Connecticut towns an excellent annual parent response rates and excellent results!

More helpful information is below:

~ 2014-2015 Connecticut Special Education Parent Survey ~

Suggestions to Encourage Parent Responses

School District Name:  ______________________

o   send a brief flyer home in English and Spanish on colorful paper, alerting parents of students with disabilities to look for the survey in their mail and the importance of completing it

o   let parents of students with disabilities know that the survey is available in English and Spanish – and can be completed online

o   send a “robocall” or computerized auto dialer to deliver a pre-recorded message about the special education parent survey mailing

o   inform students and staff during morning announcements or summer programming

o   inform families during any summer PPT meetings

o   inform personnel serving students with IEPs or Services Plans in out-of-district placements

o   post on District and School websites

o   inform Board of Education members about the survey and if they may be able to outreach through their networks

o   inform municipal departments that serve families (e.g., health and human service departments)

o   alert local newspapers and radio stations; public service announcements are free in many cases for school district announcements

o   inform student, family and educator support specialists about the survey so they may communicate directly with parents in your district: Individuals may include the following:

o   bilingual, English learner, and word language directors and teachers; providers serving immigrant communities; interpreters

o   school- and community-based healthcare providers (e.g., school nurses, pediatricians)

o   family resource center personnel

o   school choice and registration coordinators

o   parent advisory committee members

o   school governance team members

o   parent advocates, liaisons, care support

o   comprehensive school counselors

o   school psychologists

o   speech and language pathologists

o   school- and community-based social workers;  probation officers; detention center personnel

o   family resource aides and home-school coordinators

o   transition coordinators; youth service bureaus

o   surrogate parents

o   SEPTO/A and PTO directors

o   state agency liaisons (e.g., DDS, DPH, DCF)

o   disability organization partners

o   community partners

o   faith leaders

o   ESY and summer program directors

o   magnet and charter school personnel

o   providers serving homeless families

o   discuss with student, family and educator support specialists, and community leaders, if assistance is available in the community to help parents who may have difficulty reading or completing the survey – families who speak other languages, families with cognitive needs

o   sponsor a “Parent night” over dinner to make it easier for parents to complete the survey; please remember possible childcare needs when sponsoring a community event

o   see if high school students can complete summer community service hours by disseminating information to local newspapers, radio stations, houses of worship

o   use computer labs in schools and public libraries as ways for parents to complete the online survey; remember, parents will need the six-digit code sent my mail or e-mail and can only answer questions about the name of the child on the survey envelope/letter

o   place survey flyers in clinics, community organizations, and laundromats

o   let outreach contacts know that the survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete; there will be a stamped, self-addressed envelope in which to return a paper copy  

o   let parents know that all information is kept confidential 

o   let parents know that they can access free educational materials from the CT Parent Advocacy Center at no cost, just for completing the survey

o   let parents know that if they need assistance completing the survey, they may contact the Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center at 1.800.445.CPAC, or by e-mail at; CPAC support for Spanish-speaking families is available

o   let parents know that if they have questions about the survey, they may contact Marcus E. Rivera at the Bureau of Special Education at 860.713.6932 or


2014-15 Connecticut Special Education Parent Survey (Cohort A)









East Haddam

East Hampton

East Lyme

East Windsor












New Canaan

New Fairfield

New Hartford








RSD 07 (Gr. 7-12 – Barkhamsted, Colebrook, New Hartford, Norfolk)

RSD 08 (Gr. 7-12, Andover, Hebron, Marlborough)

RSD 13 (Durham, Middlefield)

RSD 14 (Bethlehem, Woodbury)

RSD 15 (Middlebury, Southbury)

RSD 16 (Beacon Falls, Prospect)

RSD 17 (Haddam, Killingworth)

RSD 18 (Lyme, Old Lyme)

Rocky Hill









West Hartford*

West Haven*






* All parents of students with an IEP or Services Plan in the school districts listed above will receive a 2014-15 Connecticut Special Education Parent Survey by mail, except for parents of students with an IEP or Services Plan in the 11 starred districts above, where a representative sample of parents of students with an IEP or Services Plan will receive a survey, due to the larger number of students with disabilities in these 11 school districts.


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